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Every family needs a little extra money now and then and payday loans are a good solution. There are a variety of benefits from this service including cashing a paycheck before payday, quick payments, a simple process, and ready cash. Anytime people are dealing with a financial product like this there are always some cautious warnings to be aware of. They are basically common sense concerns and not much different from any other kind of borrowing.
There are some interesting opportunities for people to take advantage of payday loans online. These loans have similar advantages and limitations, but they can be completed from the comfort of home. While it is easier to simply log on to the computer and send data over the Internet to sign up for one of these loans, the fees are even higher. This is due to the increased risk of fraud and difficulty of contacting borrowers since they are not local. A review of sites that offer this option shows most sites offer an average of $500 with about $25 per $100 in fees.
There are added dangers for those use these kinds of payday loans. They include risky transmission of personal information to an unknown lender. This includes the names, addresses, bank account numbers, and social security numbers of borrowers. In the unfortunate event of a security breach, that information could be taken by online criminals or exposed to those who are up to no good. Carefully checking into a service to make sure they are secure will pay off in the long run.
This is also more dangerous for the borrower as it involves giving the lender electronic access to the banking information. The lender will be able to withdraw money to repay the loan directly from the borrowers checking account. This could put the borrower in another financial bind that causes a cycle of repeated loans. Planning is key to take advantage of the convenience of this opportunity. It is hard to beat getting a loan without ever leaving home or investing much time.
Several features of payday loans make them attractive to a range of people. This kind of lending is a short-term solution to help people get their paycheck early. It is not a way to solve financial problems. For the convenience of the service, there are fees that cover the risk to the lender. While some people complain that the fees are out of line with interest rates charged by banks, there are significant differences in the two types of loans. Borrowing from a bank does not include short-term options. Those who offer a short-term lending opportunity charge fees to pay for the convenience of this service, instead of including interest in the loan.
The value of this service is seen in a simple comparison. If a utility bill is due before a paycheck will be handed out, the bank will not be available as a borrowing option. If the choice is waiting until payday, the utility will likely disconnect the service and charge a reconnection fee. This is typically around $50, even on a $100 bill. However, using a short-term service will only charge about $15 in fees on a $100 loan. When the loan is paid back when the pay check is received, it will represent about $35 in savings.
Comparing payday loans reviews shows there are a few advantages that everyone seems to appreciate. Borrowing from one of these services can be done quickly. It only takes a few minutes to process a request from start to finish. Going to the bank for a loan can take days to fill out all the forms and applications. The bank needs time to process the paperwork and do a credit check. Short-term loans are available in a few minutes with proper forms of identification, a pay stub that shows employment, and a post-dated check. The service will need some personal information for their records, but not as much as banks can need.
The banks also do extensive background and credit checks and much of their decision is based on the borrowers credit rating. Because loans from a payday service are for a short period and they are secured by a post-dated check, there is no need for any credit check. This makes the entire process fast and easy. Those who realize they are going to have a bill due before they get paid, can just stop in the office and pick up the needed funds.
Even online payday loans are available quickly. With the right information and banking connections, some services will authorize same day transfers. The ease and convenience of applying for a loan from home has the drawback of taking a little longer, but it saves a trip to the office. The advantage of going to the office is that they pay cash on the spot. There is no faster and easier way to get cash than with this kind of short-term loan service. This can lead to some problems if people do not stick strictly to their budget in these cases. There is great temptation to spend extra money, but this could cause families to get behind on other bills. This means more fees to keep getting the same advance, which is not how the service should be used.
Those who need emergency funds should avoid the temptation to use payday loans. While the money will come in handy, using the next paycheck to repay the loan will put the family in worse shape. If there are financial problems before the pay is available, the paycheck will be a valuable resource and should not be leveraged for a short-term loan. This type of borrowing is not right for everyone in every situation, but will come in very handy for people who have a pressing financial need.

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